The Complaining is Over

Since the 1970’s there has been a consistent effort on the part of the left wings of the Democrat and Republican Bird to take our country deeper and deeper in the direction of socialism. A major percentage of Americans today have no interest in personal responsibility or accountability.  Over recent years the ideals of competition in our education system has and is being destroyed. The competitive spirit that built this country has been turned upside down.  Governments ( ie City, County, State and Federal) have created legacy costs that are unsustainable.  The above mentioned government entities are 40-50% larger than they should be. They have adopted rules and regulations that have bloated government and stifled business investment and free enterprise. In other words they tax, fee and permit you to death.  This has driven business after business out of our states and our country. I know. I was one of them.  We will never return to the prosperity this country has enjoyed in the past unless we undo the majority of these bureaucratic regulations. We must elect true Conservatives that will have the courage to stand up against the special interest groups and lobbyist.  I have a personal story regarding a Department of DEQ that you may someday hear. It is ridiculous.
There comes a time in ones life when the complaining is over. That time is now. Our country and our states are facing the very problems our founders feared they would some 200 years ago. Its time for legal, legitimate Americans to step up and go boldly forward.
I’ve been a problem solver all my adult life. I know how to solve the issues facing our state and our country. I’m not alone. Others do as well. Now we must join at the shoulders and get it done. That effort has already begun.
Note: If your wondering where we got the phrase in the header. Its from Toby Kieths , Beer for my Horses.  Thanks Toby its fits for the situation we’re in.
Bruce Olsen Candidate for Governor of Arizona


4 Responses to “The Complaining is Over”

  1. Akos Kovach Says:

    If you are serious about running for Governor use your name -sign everything – give people a chance to get used to your name. Sending emails? The ‘Arizona Sentinel’ doesn’t cut it, use your name. It is very frustrating to me to watch potential washed down a drain.

  2. Kathy Boatman Says:


    America needs true conservatives now more than ever.

    Thanks for having the courage to join the fight.

    I will send your web address to some like minded Arizonans!


  3. Anju Johnson Says:

    I have made a pledge to do whatever I can to assist you in this most important fight.
    To whomever may be reading this mesage, I would just like to comment on the importance of what is happening in our country today. This fight is ulimately not about party affiliates – THIS IS ABOUT SAVING HUMANITY! We each need to take a stand and ask ourselves what WE CAN do to make this a better world. We need to stop fighting amongst each other and realize that we are all one. Put the differences aside and be unified. Let’s educate one another and teach people through our example. If we do not take personal responsibilty and take action then we will become slaves and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Game over.

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