Meet The Candidate

Bruce Olsen , was born in Nebraska, grew up on a livestock farm in north central Kansas. Where he learned the value and rewards of hard work.  He was a member of 4-H for 9 years and FFA for 4 years. After a brief and boring four months at Kansas State University , he joined the Navy. And later qualified as a crew chief on the Navy R4D and T-29-B aircraft . Following the Navy he finished his pilot rating, which consisted up Commercial, Instrument,Multi eng,jet type rating and instructor. He flew for a Commuter airline for three years in the late sixties and early seventies.  He joined the Air Force in 1972 , and went to Beloxi to become an Air Traffic controller,. While in the Air Force he got involved with aircraft sales.  In 1974 he started his own aircraft sales company in Oklahoma,. That developed into an aircraft sales and modification and  business which he operated until 1992.  He then developed an aircraft engine overhaul business, in 92 and sold it in 93. In 1988 he started an auto dealership ,that developed into a sales and finance business which he sold in 1996.  During those years he became involved in commercial real estate, and land development. 

In 1998 he semi retired and in 2002  he and his wife moved to Overgaard Arizona, two weeks before the fire. Which nearly took his home.

Since the fire, he has been active in state and federal political issues.  Mostly related to , border ie: national security, state and federal economics.  During the 2004 election cycle he worked for Don Goldwater for Governor. He is a current member of the Minutemen Organization,a proud supporter of the Border Patrol. He recently became a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.  He was the instigator of Senate Bill 1264 or Right of Ways legislation, authored and sponsored by former State Senator Karen Johnson. Which gained national attention and slowed down the forest service attempts to close our forest roads,trails,and two tracks.

He is married has several children and grand children. My family plus love of country and our freedoms,  are the motivation for this campaign.

Bruce Olsen  Canididate for Arizona Governor

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