A few of the issues on my plate

Here is just a few target issues on my plate:

 Balanced Budget State and Federal:http://usdebtclock.org/

 Secure our southern border and work with California,New Mexico and Texas to secure theirs as well.

 Return all Federally managed lands in all Western States to State Control

 Eliminate Property Taxes for Elderly and Retired and if your home estate is paid for .

 States’ Rights & Sovereignty

I will sign No legislation that are ;lobbied by atax payer funded lobby Groups

The Constitution Stands as written  

Eliminate Federally Chartered Banks. If it’s called a bank, it is state chartered only. And does not cross state lines.
Create in State Health Savings accounts.
Make English the Language of the State. No pressing one for English.
Deport all illegal aliens. Or send them to Chicago,NewYork or Washington DC. Amtrack needs the business.
Eliminate No Child Left behind
Stop funding Colleges and Universities with tax payer dollars.


We, as regional groups of states, reaffirm the U.S. Constitution as our preemptive document, followed by the Constitution of Arizona (or specific state).


Ballot Initiatives and propositions shall be written in plain English only. No gobbleeygook or double negatives. They must say what they mean and mean what they say.


And almost everyone I talk to, want these radar enforcement SUVs with cameras shoved off the highways. Liberals  like them because its another way they can redistribute wealth and spy on their neighbors.

De Nationalize the Army,Navy,Marine,AirForce, National Guard Units , Allow no State Guard troops to be deployed to foreign shores unless Congress has declared war and we are under eminent threat.

Terminate all Federal Mandates

Enforce E-Verify,  and support Sheriff Joe

Establish State Investment Tax Credit on Equipment Purchased for a business additional credit if that equipment was manufactured in Arizona.

Review all Dept of Enviromental Quality Regulations.

Return all rights to Private Property,,,, Water, ect.

Reduce the size of State Goverment by 30%

Return the accountability of U.S. Senators to state legislature

Lobbyist must submit proposals to staff in writing.

Adopt the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as Arizona state law.

Stop sending money to the District of Columbia

Stop investing in Wall Street. pension funds, ect ect ect,.  Invest in Arizona business and industry.



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