Education is not the responsibility of government,. It belongs to the parents. I if elected will work to  end the federal mandates imposed on Arizona regarding education. They are unconstitutional and a violation of parents rights. If you believe the kids today are learning ,reading , writing and arithmetic, go talk to one of them. Or better yet hire one to run a cash register.

Millions of dollars are wasted every year in public education.  Education in Arizona needs a total overhaul.  Several teachers that I have spoked to , have said that education needs to be privatized.

Money that  is spent at Colleges and Universities must end. If you want tuition rates to go down,. Stop subsidizing these schools,.. We have a nasty habit in this country of throwing money at a problem thinking that money will fix the problem.  It never does it just exacerbates it.    

Teaching Jack and Bill went up the hill is not my idea of an education.

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