Health Care


As for the current bill. I do not believe it will come out of the  Senate.

If we are ever going to reduce the cost of health care we must end the practice of government subsidized health care. Any time the government whether it be county,state,or federal. Sticks it nose in a issue, and provides taxpayer dollars to that issue , the cost goes thru the roof.

The government has no business being involved with health care. 

Most states as far as I know have state insurance commissioners that are charged with make certain that the insurance companies are ligit, honest, and do what they say they are going to do with regard to the policies.

We need to eliminate the tax deduction for employer-based insurance.  Health insurance should be the responsibility of the individual.  Competition and Individual responsibility will determine the policy price, not the government.

From the time I am born till I die,. The government should stay out of my life.  If you want the cost of Health care to go down , get the government out of it completely.

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