Illegal Immigration must end


In 1986 Ronald Reagan, make a terrible mistake, even said as much later on. The media continues(over the past 6 years to talk about 12 million illegal aliens in America) the fact is if you do the math, we estimate the the actual number is closer to 40 million.  Here is what I intend to do if elected,. First move DPS to the border and secure it.  We have also talked about training the Arizona Marshall , deputizing them and deploying them to the border,. I have not talked to them about this as of yet.  In addition, money that we would normally send to Washington would be diverted to build the fence, and pay down the state debt. We will end the federal mandate requiring all hospitals to provide free health care to illegals,.

Illegal aliens take those step up jobs that our teens and other need now more than ever. The games are over.  We have a worker permit programs (7) they need to use them. And no family members are attachted to those permits,period, end of story.

Ive been to Mexico many times, it is rich in natural resourses,. The Mexican Government needs to get its act together and create a open,free, competitive market system,..

Other wise we may as well annex them and do it our selves.  


Good New 12/10/2009  

The Arizona Department of Economic Security will stop providing illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars.  Prop 200 passed by overwhelming voter approval.  Now that the phony x Governor Janet Napalitano  is gone,.. We can get done to the serious business of public safety.

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