Why Im Running


Im sick and tired of these stupid excuses.  Related to state issues. Arizona has a debt load that is unsustainable.  It has been driven in the tank , intentionally by your former governor and the current governor does not have the stomach to  take the fiscally sound steps to solve the problem.  The false economy during the 2002 to 2007 years, was in large measure used to leverage the growth in government. And then there is this:http://usdebtclock.org/ .

But your biggest problem with the AZ budget is the border.  Arizona will never see a balanced budget again. Until it deals with the open border, illegal aliens,anchor babies, gang bangers, and the list goes on and on.  You must recognize that Napolitano was sent to Arizona , to do exactly what she did. Drive your debt thru the roof, with anti American, social agendas.  She was sent her to see to it that the border remained open.  Yes, she did and said some things that would say otherwise,that was just theater. She had the power to fix the problem and did not. And now we have this :http://usdebtclock.org/

The other reason is this: I believe that the only way we are going to solve Americas problems is at the state level.  We must with a coalition of states , stand up to the Federal Government.   As Governor , I plan to work with neighboring states Governors, to show and tell Washington that they work for us. Not the other way around.  I have a plan that once put into action, Washington will get the message.  Because like it or not we are going to have to deal with this: http://usdebtclock.org/

Also, there are two or three sheriffs in America that understand and use their constitutional granted authority.  Sheriff Joe is one of them.   I plan to put the full weight and force of the Governors office behind all of our sheriffs in the state of Arizona.  We are going to bring law and order , back to the state of Arizona.  We will use the State Police and the Arizona National guard to protect the legal citizens of Arizona.  We will not let an insurgency of illegals, infiltrat our communities. We will not let our streets become the killing grounds that we have seen in Mexico, and Bahgdad,Madrid,France,and Isreal.  The Obama administration is just an extendion of the open border policy of George Bush.  It can not be tolerated.  We must develop a zero tolerance policy.  I do have a plan!

3 Responses to “Why Im Running”

  1. Cathy Lawson Says:

    You have been very busy! I should do love you.

    Thanks for being my DAD…

  2. Joanne Daley Says:

    Bruce, I came in late to the Willcox Tea Party and missed your speech and from what I’ve heard from others I missed a good one. You are absolutely right that until the border is defended we will never have a balanced budget. This is one area that the current string of government officials refuses to acknowledge because the pro-illegal lobby is so strong. Well, there are many organizations that are set to fight that on every level of government. Locally, the Patriots Coalition, founded by Al Garza, is beginning a push back with the “Americans Speak Out” campaign to counter La Raza, MenCha, Lulac, Border Action Network, etc.

    On December 12, the 912 Project Cochise County will be hosting Sheriff Richard Mack from 3-5 to reinforce the message of States Rights and Sovereignty. I have invited the 4 candidates for District 8 to hear what, I hope, will be an inspiration to them to listen to a Sheriff who has fought the Federal Government and won and he did it with the 10th Amendment. I extend that invitation to you as well. I can only guarantee a VIP introduction but there will be about 100 people there and you are welcome to bring your campaign materials, petitions, etc.

    These are not the local “movers and shakers” but they are the people who are the concerned citizens–concerned enough to show up to TEA Parties and are stalwarts at writing letters and making phone calls to get their opinions to the legislators. These are the people that will do the work to get their candidate elected. If there is time I will open the meeting up to general comments beginning with the VIPS.

    Please let me know if you will be available and whether you can attend. It would be our pleasure to introduce you as a viable Candidate for Governor.

    Joanne Daley
    Coordinator, 912 Project CC

    • arizona4therepublic Says:

      First I am a major fan of Sheriff Mack,. Im familiar with his dealings with the federal government,.. I can assure you that if elected Sheriff Mack would cross the threshold of my office many times before the end of my term. Going forward we need strong , mature leadership not just in the political area, but also in the private sector. Sheriff Mack is a great asset to Arizona.

      I will be at your event on the Dec 12th. If someone fails to show I would appreciate having the opportunity to say a few words,. Time is precious, and we are running out it. 2010 may even be to late. If so its on to plan B.

      Thank you for your words,.. In 2004 when I was giving basically the same speech for Don Goldwater, no one was listening. Now they are wide awake.

      Thanks for the invite. FYI , http://www.thearizonasentinel.com is my blog site,.. I do a considerable amount of writing there and post info that I feel necessary to spread around the globe,. If you scroll down the right side you will see frequent hits from all over the world, folks that I assume are Americans, working abroad. I also have the campaign web site which is nothing fancy, Im building it myself,. http://www.az4therepublic.com I ve decided to spend as much time on the road, as I can rather than putting money into a fancy web site.

      Bruce Olsen

      Candidate for Governor of Arizona

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