Would you like to help ? Here is how!


We prefer not to use the internet for Contributions.

 They take 8% right off the top. Remember Im a

conservative libertarian.  Thats eight percent we

can use to move around the state campaigning for

 the issues important for Arizona and the country.

 Also we are not taking any funding from the state.

 Everything we do will be funded by the voters of

 Arizona and around the country. So we will need

 your help. If you want a true  conservative

 libertarian,that wants our freedoms and liberties

 back, that can not be bought by special interest

 and lobbyiest Im your guy. And I need your help. I

 can not do this on my own. Remember you get the

 government your willing to pay for. If you let the

 democrats and republicans, do what they’ve

 always done. Well we all may as well move to mexico.

 We can accept up to $840.00 per individual. If any political committees wish to contribute , all efforts will be taken to make certain that they fall within the campaign laws of Arizona.

So: Please send your non tax deductible contribution to

make your checks or money orders payable to :

Committee to Elect Bruce Olsen

Mail address is

Box 2774

Overgaard Arizona 85933-2774



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